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In a city as crowded as Mumbai, finding one quite moment with your partner sounds more of  a task to many. To get this sorted for you, we have come up with a list of places where you can get a little cozy with your partner without digging a hole in your pockets. Check our places for couples in your city.

Here’s a list of 10 places in Mumbai to get cozy with your special one.

Movie Theaters

Movie theatre- Places to visit in mumbai for couples - Blogshog

Have you ever gone to a movie theater with an opposite sex and noticed the ticket vendor offering you the corner seats? Well I guess the staff is generous enough to let you do your thing, it is anyway going to be dark and chilled once the movie starts, and you know the rest.

Under construction buildings and abandoned monuments

Monuments - Places to visit in Mumbai for couples - Blogshog

There must be atleast one among your group who has a ‘never have I ever moment’ from an under-construction building. We cannot comment on the safety angle of it, but a building left incomplete from a long time, always has a watchman who is very friendly you know.

Public transport

Public-transport - Places to visit in Mumbai for couples - Blogshog

On an average, 9/10 taxi and auto drivers in Mumbai will tell you about a lot about ‘the couple went cosy in my backseat’ tale. These guys are generous people who know exactly when to shift the focus of their mirror and let the two of them have their time.

“Bhaiyya unko bhi thoda privacy mil jata he, itne badhe sheher me bache kaha jagah dhundhenge!” cheerfully said by one auto-driver around Carter Road.


Pubs - Places to visit in Mumbai for couples - Blogshog

When the lights have dimmed and the music set right and everyone is so high they literally do no care about the people around, tell me who has not kissed even once. Don’t tell me you are that innocent of a person.

College campuses

Trust me when I say this, every college campuse has that one secret place where you two can get along without getting caught. Find it and you are all set to go.

Aashiqui 2 style

Aashiqui - Places to visit in Mumbai for couples - Blogshog

Say your out of a party and it starts raining, well Aditya Roy Kapur did it so right, rocking that kiss under the coat.

Wow, which girl wont lift her feet in the air with that sexy move!


Elevators - Places to visit in Mumbai for couples - Blogshog

Hollywood and hot elevator scenes go hand-in-hand. When Christian Grey locked lips with Anastasia in the elevator, we all were obsessed with that kiss for quite a long time after watching /the movie, weren’t we?  

I am sure 8/10 readers will be with me if I asked about kissing in an elevator. Who hasn’t done that either? Just look around for a camera before-hand, unless you don’t mind laughing at the security guy giving looks.


Parks - Places to visit in Mumbai for couples - Blogshog

Parks I tell you, after a certain time in the evening, most of the parks in Mumbai suddenly turn into a very romantic place, you see people getting all lovey-dovey around. And it goes on till the watchmen starts blowing the whistle and you know it is your time to wind up.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive - Places to visit in Mumbai for couples - Blogshog

Although not the most quite place but it happens to be the most romantic place in Mumbai. You can see a lot of couples around just holding hands and talking. And you have that Aww so cute moment you see.

Bandra Fort, Bandstand, Bandra Reclamation

Bandra bandstand - Places to visit in Mumbai for couples - Blogshog

When it comes to spending time with your loved one, Bandra has a thing dude. It is heaven for lovers, there is always love in the air when you are around Bandra. The famous stones and the sudden movements you will notice underneath, trust me when I say do not be suprised.

Everything apart, this stands out of all the options here.

Your place or mine?

Can you sneak me in your house today?

Every one who has been into a relationship or a hook-up or the ‘we are just friends’ tribe (we support them all equally 😛 ), everyone, has heard this one question at least once (we are assuming the least and leaving the rest upto you).


Hell ya. Undoubetedly cosing up one your own couch, oh mahn! Isn’t it the most comfy and safest of all. Unless your parents turn up and you dont have a back door.


Word of advice : While these are some of the options where you can get close with your partner, it is always better to not cross certain limits while in public, unless being the center of attraction doesn’t affect the burn between the two of you 😛

Thank us later.

Places for Couples in Mumbai
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