Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss

Detox water is a great way to lose weight. Here are a few DIY Detox water recipes to make drinking water fun.

Detox water Reciepes for Weight loss

Water and weight loss ? Yes it is possible with these homemade fat burning drinks. Now just drinking water to lose weight with our weight loss drink recipe.

Increasing water intake is the highlighting factor in any weight loss regime. Water helps in maintaining proper bodily functions and keeps the body hydrated. Along with these functions it also maintains body temperature, prevents diseases related to heart and digestion and has a great role in lifting one’s mood.

But drinking around 2 liters of regular water every single day can become boring right?

Over the past few years a lot of people have been claiming about various health benefits of detox water.

Detox water is basically water which is infused with various flavors by adding different fruits, herbs and all the possible combinations. Detox water helps in flushing out toxins. Also making ‘drinking water’ an interesting task.

With detox water we are adding around zero to a very few calories, and a lot of nutrients to our normal drinking water.

The only recipe to follow is to cut a few fruits of your choice and add them to your water bottle. Let it rest for about 2 hours and you are good to go. Also you can refill the bottle    2-3 times and use it again.

Here are a few easy DIY ways of making fruit infused water recipes at home.

Lemon and mint detox water

Lemon and mint water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - Blogshog
Lemon has been used for weight loss from decades. It helps in digestion and leaves a great citrus flavor. Mint on the other hand increases bile secretion and helps in faster digestion and mint leaves benefits for weight loss. Also it leaves your refreshed and energized. So lets start the lemon water diet.

Apple and Cinnamon Stick Detox water

apple and cinnamon water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - Blogshog
Apples are rich in antioxidants, the nutrients in apples prevent various diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and various heart diseases. Cinnamon helps in lowering cholesterol. These two together are a perfect combo for weight loss as they help in increasing metabolism.

Watermelon Detox water

watermelon water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - Blogshog
Watermelon contain amino acids that helps in maintaining blood pressure. It also provides various vitamins and minerals. It helps in hydrating the body and making you feel refreshed.

Mint, watermelon and honey Detox water

Mint, watermelon and honey water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - BlogshogHoney helps in removing toxins from the body. It also helps in increasing metabolism. Along with the benefits of mint for digestion this combo makes a very good detox water option for weight loss. Also who doesn’t like watermelons?

Watermelon, cucumber, lemon

Watermelon , cucumber and lemon water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - BlogshogCucumber and lemon form the perfect combination for cleansing the body. Cucumber is associated with weight loss since ancient times. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar level and hydrating the body.

Ginger and lemon detox water

Lemon and ginger water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - Blogshog
Ginger and lemon both support digestion and strengthen metabolism, thus making it a perfect weight loss duo.

Mint, tulsi (holy basil), cucumber and lemon Detox water

Mint, tulsi,cucumber and lemon water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - BlogshogTulsi or holy basil or “the queen of herbs” is an important herb in Ayurvedic medicines. This infused combo has amazing benefits on various processes of the body. It lowers stress, anxiety, and blood sugar. It is a great anti-oxidant and has superb benefits for stomach related problems. Combined with cucumber, mint and lemon it helps in digestion, weight loss and leaves a great flavor.

Strawberry, Orange and mint Detox water

strawberry, orange and mint water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - BlogshogStrawberry is the most loved fruit. It is a great source of vitamin C and a proven anti-oxidant. It helps in restoring normal functioning of weight reducing hormones in the body. Thus making it a perfect weight loss fruit. Oranges help maintain a good immune system and together with mint it leaves a perfect tangy and minty taste.

Mango and ginger Detox water

mango and ginger water - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - BlogshogMangoes help in burning excess calories, it fights bad cholesterol and helps builds immunity. It has no fats and is very good for digestion.
For the love of mangoes and the goodness of ginger, this duo makes a perfect detox for summers when the body needs to be hydrated the most.

Green tea, honey, lemon and cucumber Detox water

Green tea, honey lemon and cucmber - Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss - BlogshogGreen tea is an amazing body detox ingredient with its anti-oxidant properties. Together with cucumber, honey and lemon it reduces bloating, improves digestion and helps build metabolism, thus promoting weight loss.These are a few detox water recipes that we have tried. The main aim is to increase water consumption. Feel free to mix and match various ingredients and make your everyday drinking water schedule a lot more fun.

Do let us know about any new detox water combinations that you come up with in the comments below.

Also we have listed a few places where you can find an infusion bottle to make life more easier for you all.

Detox Water Bottle Option 1!
Detox Water Bottle Option 2!

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