Why do dogs run behind cars ?

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Have you ever had those nightmares of being chased by a group of dogs, looking all furious like a pack of wolves. With their teeth all scary as if they were just sharpened only to bite you?

What then? What do you do? Run? Yell? Shout?

I guess just waking up would do right?

This situation no matter how funny it appears, is a common nightmare for many. Jokes apart have you ever wondered, what makes these lovable and the most loyal animals go all nuts, crazily running behind someone, or chasing a moving car or a bike?

Let’s see what can be the possible reasons for these doggos to be chasing your car or you on special occasions.

Marking their territory!

Why do dogs bark at cars - Blogshog

Did you ever wonder why does that one annoying dog always pee on your car wheels?

Well, the reason is pretty simple. Dogs are have a very sensitive nose, they can recognize their own smell or differentiate it with any other dog’s smell. So when a dog pees over your tire, he is basically marking his own territory. This smart doggo will pee on the cars in his territory, thus making it very easy to recognize a known vehicle.

When you drive your car into a new locality, the dogs in that area will recognize the smell of an outside dog. Thus find you an intruder, you know the next story right?

A hint for you would be to stop and try to communicate with the dogs. Maybe a “Hey I am an intruder, but Come on do I look suspicious?” would work wonders. Everyone understands the language of love and our doggos leave everything behind when it comes to love.

The let’s Play mood!

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Well dogs are chasers. They love running behind moving objects may it be a ball, or a remote controlled car or vehicles, not to forget a running human.

Sometimes, they even run behind us to catch out attention or it might just be a reason that today they are out for play.

Well well well, who let the dogs out?

Quiet literally, right?

Don’t you dare steal my home, hooman!

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How often do we see this doggos sleeping peacefully under our cars?

Since, the underneath portion of your car is now a dog’s new home, the thought of someone stealing his home makes him scared and angry, let’s assume scared more than angry, for our own good.


dogs accidents under cars why dogs run behind cars Blogshog

Yes! You read it right.

Many a times, new puppies or old, injured dogs cannot run quickly towards the sides of the roads and may die in a car accident. There can be a possibility that another closely related dog may be present at the spot and might experience this terrific situation. Owing to the sharp memory, they record an image of the vehicle in their minds. So whenever they find any similar car around the same shape and size of the car they recollect, they try to chase that car for revenge.

Scary, isn’t it? May be, may be not, no matter how angry and furious on the outer appearance, dogs still happen to be the most closely related to humans than any other animal. They love their hoomans. Not only will they understand your loving gesture but remember you for years.

Well, a ‘Hi doggo’ is always better than a ‘Oh mahn! They are chasing me. Now what?’ right?

Why do dogs run behind cars ?
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Why do dogs run behind cars ?
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